2016 Ross SIG Conference has ended
Hosted by the Ross Executive User Committee (EUC), a group of leaders from some of the most active Ross ERP customer companies, this three-day Special Interest Groups (SIG) event will be jammed packed with sessions designed to provide attendees with industry-leading insight into strategies, trends, and technology related to Ross ERP and their specific industries. See the ABOUT tab for more details.

Kerry Huang

Tuesday, November 15

8:00am EST

Opening General Session Ellington DEFKim Eaton • Jack Payne • TVN Reddy • Jill Smith • Craig Keller

10:00am EST

11:05am EST

12:00pm EST

1:00pm EST

2:05pm EST

3:30pm EST

Wednesday, November 16

9:30am EST

11:00am EST

1:00pm EST

2:05pm EST

3:30pm EST

Thursday, November 17

8:30am EST

9:35am EST