2016 Ross SIG Conference has ended
Hosted by the Ross Executive User Committee (EUC), a group of leaders from some of the most active Ross ERP customer companies, this three-day Special Interest Groups (SIG) event will be jammed packed with sessions designed to provide attendees with industry-leading insight into strategies, trends, and technology related to Ross ERP and their specific industries. See the ABOUT tab for more details.
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The seed for the idea of CloudX was planted years ago as the founders worked together on significant projects helping clients improve challenging and complex document processes. They were always looking for ways to help clients reduce costs and add strategic value to their organizations. Thought leaders in the industry – they started building the tools and resources needed to offer the most cost effective approach to processing transactional documents. 

With the advent of cloud computing, what was available to the few only a decade ago is now available to the masses without the investment that limited process improvement solution offerings to only the largest organizations in the world. With everyone on an equal playing field, companies of all size can harness the power of CloudX’s unique approach to document processing efficiency.

Our Vision — Today that seed has grown and CloudX is leading the Document Process Outsourcing industry. With state of the art scan facilities, a full suite of cloud-based document management technologies, skilled and affordable processing resources, and the best practices for managing transactional document processes; CloudX helps organizations eliminate the paper burden.